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Indoor Positioning Supported Duress

Welcome to a world of comfort, innovation and energy savings.

Green Point Systems, exclusively distributed in Australia by CTS,  has developed a new innovative technology that combines both home automation and energy efficiency.

The igh - Intelligent Green Home solution can be applied to any home at any stage, from the planning stages to existing homes. You can convert any home into a smart green home by simply replacing the existing switch with an igh smart switch. Each igh switch operates independently by making decisions in accordance with your lifestyle. The igh smart switches will control your lights, open and close curtains or shutters, turn on your air conditioning to the right temperature and much more. The igh system enables energy management, allowing savings up to 30% of your electricity costs. The igh system uses existing infrastructure and has no central controller allowing it to operate independently without the need for any network or additional hardware.

Green Point Systems igh advantage for industry professionals 

Seemingly impossible technology became a reality by making a computing device the size of a wall switch.
  • Decentralized- standalone automated switches. Our systems have no single point of failure, thereby ensuring uninterrupted availability.

  • ABRS-Autonomous Behavior Recognition System with decision-making capabilities. Always looking to optimize energy consumption.

  • The switches are autonomous and operate based on behavior patterns from the get-go with an advanced pre-configured setting.

  • The ability to change modes of living from eco mode - economy to Auto mode –Autonomous, depending on the changing environment or a chosen scenario. You always have the choice to go manual.

  • An affordable Modular system with out-of-the-box high-level standardization for home and business.

  • No RF range limitation with our multiplying gateway solution.

  • No latency

  • Energy management, allowing savings up to 30%+ of electricity costs by eliminating wasted energy.

  • Autonomous Light, Temperature and motion (room occupancy) Sensors

    • Solar powered self-sustainable with no need for maintenance or power source.

    • Monitoring room occupancy, temperature and light intensity, providing environmental data to many individual switches via direct wireless communication.

  • Energy consumption real time information. View daily, monthly or yearly breakdown of each device's energy consumption.

  • Predicting unnecessary energy waste.

  • Energy luxury lifestyle; Atmosphere light Dimmers; from work lighting to romantic dusk light

  • Automated Climate control management

  • Control from anywhere remotely from any mobile device

  • Easily change setting with a free iOS & Android application

  • Free applications; for advanced user/support service provider and an easy to use "compact" app that any age can use.

  • Power consumption reports

  • Real-time event handler operating scenarios &  notification messaging system.

  • Real-time location handler operating scenarios according to selected GPS position. 

  • An Intelligent keypad that allows rapid and easy operation of any device.

  • No network required for day to day operation.

  • Health- Insignificant RF transmissions.

  • Every Switch includes 16 daily internal schedulers

  • Affordable, economical and attainable for all types of dwellings.

  • Compatible to all known forms of lighting.

  • No need to change  the user's behavior as the system will optimize energy usage to save electricity.

  • Simple Retrofit - No need to change existing infrastructure, making it suitable for any building at any building stage or age.

  • No need to change the electrical box or sockets.

  • No installation of data cable required

  • No Neutral line required at the switch

  • The switches integrate into any din rail in commercial installations

  • Autonomous, self sustainable Sensor attaches to the wall using a special sticker, no power or data wiring required. 

Service & Support
  • Installer Support  Simple remote system access for assistance in the initial system setup and configuration.

  • Installer and customer support - Remote programming of schedules scenarios etc. with user granted temporary access.

Market Verticals
The ability to integrate into any existing building without making any changes to the infrastructure opens new markets that are not accessible to wired solutions.

      Retrofits and New Installations in:

  • Residential homes, Apartment buildings including Common areas, 

  • Commercial buildings offices, and common areas.

  • Hotels rooms, halls and public areas.

  • Sporting and Entertainment venues.

  • Schools and Universities classrooms and common areas.

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing Homes, Special care facilities

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